Welcome to Yerranderie!

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We hope that we can help you find out more about our wonderful region! Our aim is to encourage worthwhile activities in the town of Yerranderie and surrounding areas.

Yerranderie is in a Regional Park surrounded by a number of National Parks and State Conservation Areas. Before you come here please check the NPWS Alerts Page to check for closures. You also should have the NSW Hazards Near Me app on your phone. This has replaced the Fires Near Me app.

If you have an interest or hobby which relates to our region, we are happy to devote a page (or more) to you. Just get in touch and we can work together to get you online!

These images show the Burragorang Valley before and after Warragamba Dam. In the top photos Yerranderie is in the distance on the west (right) side of the valley.

Gurangatch, part fish part reptile and Mirrangan, the tiger cat had an epic fight which carved out the Burragorang Valley.

Image by Kazan taken at the Burra interactive learning space at the Australian Museum. If you would like to learn more about this battle, HERE is a good link which tells the story.