Building a house in Yerranderie.

In 2023 we liaised with Wollondilly Council to dispel the myth that Yerranderie blocks could not be built on. As a result Council has recently granted a Dwelliing Entitlement on a Yerranderie block. There is information on Zoning and Dwellling Enttlements here.

A dwelling entitlement only means that Council is able to consider your building application. IT DOES NOT provide any guaranteed right to carry out building works and there are many reasons why your application could still be refused even if you have a dwelling entitlement. Consent for the construction of a dwelling is subject to an assessment under Section 4.15 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

Here are some of the considerations for building:

What Structures require approvals?

There is NSW Legislation on developments which are exempt from requiring Council approval….. garden sheds, cabanas, gazebos and other structures etc. Here is the relevant State Environmental Planning Policy Legislation

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL)

The CSIRO has an excellent web page which describes how to identify the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) on your property. It is reasonable to assume that much of Yerranderie would be rated as Flame Zone (FZ). It is possible that some blocks close to the airfield would be a lower rating due to the distance from vegetation. Construction to the higher BAL ratings adds to your building costs but is quite achievable. Building for bushfire attack is well documented on the web and with a bit of searching you will find there are plenty of options.

Waste Water Treatment

Any proposed on-site wastewater system installation is subject to Council approval.

Effluent disposal at Yerranderie requires some creative thinking. You will need to use only systems accredited by the NSW Department of Health. You can find out details for accredited domestic wastewater systems on a single block here. Once you are familiar with these, as a result of being in the Sydney drinking water catchment you will then have to install your system complying with WaterNSW guidelines “Designing and Installing On Site Waste Water Systems” .
A possible option which may meet the criteria in these documents is the use of composting toilets (such as Clivus Multrum which National Parks use at Yerranderie) and a reed bed system for grey water such as Rootzone, which is installed by a local Wollondilly company.

Off grid sustainable living

This can be a challenge but is also immensely satisfying and rewarding. Check out our Off Grid Sustainable Living Page Here