Termites in Yerranderie

There have been two infestations found recently close to houses in between Mervyn and Kerry Streets, Yerranderie. These were in moist softwood lying directly on the ground. If you need to store timber it is a good idea to stack it up on bricks.

We have heard anecdotally that there are termites in National Parks’ buildings in Private Town and Joorilands.

If you have concerns you must get professional advice but there are a number of things you can do to keep an eye on any potential threats to your buildings. One of the most obvious indicators of the presence of termites is their mud trail tunnels which they build to protect themselves from the light and elements.

Here are some tips to help prevent costly damage:

1 – Buy yourself a powerful torch with a adjustable beam and check thoroughly under your building. Remember that the metal ant caps don’t stop termites, they just have to go around them which then provides a good inspection point to detect if they are entering.

2 – Also, poke your head into your roof cavity and have a good look. Termites tend to (but not always) work their way upwards and the roof is a comfortable warm place for them.

3 – If your building is on a concrete slab, make sure the edges are completely clear of soil, leaf litter and any other debris which termites can travel through unnoticed. When these areas are clear, it is easy to regularly check for termite tracks.

4 – There are a number of DIY termite baiting stations on the market like the one shown in this video. if you suspect you have a nest nearby and you are confident to tackle it yourself, this type of treatment could be an option.