Historical transport links to the Blue Mountains

There was a road up from Lower Burragorang which went up to the McMahons Lookout. It was called “The Jump Back Pass” or the ‘One in Four’ road. You could then go along Tablelands Road on to Wentworth Falls.

The 1930’s picture below is from the John Hollingdale collection. The car is a 1930 Model A Ford.

Below is the map location. If you would like to explore the maps from before Warragamba Dam was built click HERE.

Below is another photo from the Camden Historical Society collection.

We believe this road may have followed a First Nations route out of the valley, maybe up to the Bora ground and Turtleback on Kings tableland which was a traditional meeting place and a great vantage point to observe comings and goings as can be seen in the photo below. There is an Emu story which may relate to this. We need more information. If you can help, let us know.