Oberon Colong Stock Route

STOCK ROUTE UPDATE 20th April 2024

WELL DONE WOLLONDILLY COUNCIL!….. Council started work on the damaged Oberon Colong Stock Route on the first working day after the big rain event on the night of Friday 5th April. After only 2 weeks the Wollondilly section (western 34km) is was restored to being in great shape. Graceys Earthmoving contractors have done an excellent job!
The middle Lachlan Shire Council section didn’t suffer much damage and is, as usual rocky and slow but no major washouts to contend with. There are some large potholes.
The Oberon end also didn’t suffer any significant damage and is in pretty good shape.
On Saturday 20th April morning it took 1hr 35min to drive without needing 4WD.

The condition of the Oberon Colong Stock Route can vary considerably. We would recommend that you keep a close watch on the weather forecasts before your trip. Any significant rain can make the Stock Route quite slippery and possibly boggy.

Watch the Weather! Keep an eye on the BOM Sydney rain radar and forecasts in the days leading up to your arrival.

There is 64 kilometres of dirt road and 3 significant creek crossings at the eastern end. If there has been very windy or stormy weather, you may be unlucky and encounter a tree down across the road. In these circumstances having a chainsaw can prevent you having to turn back.

You must be 100% sure of your own driving skills and your vehicle’s capabilities. Recently, when the Stock Route has been dry and at it’s best, people have been arriving in Yerranderie with higher clearance 2WD vehicles. With any rain, however you will need at least an AWD vehicle. If there has been any significant weather (or it is predicted) only a 4WD is suitable.

There are potholes which can be deep and when filled with water hard to tell how deep they are. On sunny days the potholes can hide in the tree shadows. Hit them at any speed and you will do some damage. After significant rains there can also be washouts across the road and if you don’t have high enough clearance you may need a shovel to fill in a track across them. If you don’t have high clearance make sure you keep at least one set of wheels on the highest part of the road. If there are significant bad spots stop and plan your route through and where your wheels will be tracking. If you are not experienced with the creek crossings you must not cross if you cannot see the bottom and/or the water is flowing fast.

Note that National Parks require an online booking. If the campgrounds and accommodation are full or closed, you may get turned around if you turn up without one!

Please be sure that your vehicle and your driving skills can handle these sort of conditions (which may change).