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20 Alan Street Yerranderie 2787.

This is a fully furnished two bedroom house (left in the photo below) with covered verandahs on 3 sides (ENW) plus a self contained cabin (right with solar panels) which comfortably sleeps 2 with a bathroom and kitchen. There is an undercover BBQ area, netted vegetable garden with a remote watering system and chook pen. Ultra modern new solar electricity system and 25,000 litres of water storage for very comfortable, self sustainable off grid living with fast internet. Check out for lots more information.

Lot 18 Kerry Street Yerranderie 2787 – 543 sq metres vacant residential land.

12 Mervyn Street Yerranderie 2787 – 474 sq metres vacant residential land.

8 Mervyn Street Yerranderie 2787 – 537.5 sq metres vacant residential land.


Vacant land with or without a cabin or residence wanted. Phone 0404 019407


Large size satellite dish with wall mount bracket and receiver. The receiver will work for many free and subscription services but will not work on the VAST network. Only available for users in the Yerranderie area. No take aways. 0429 493 828

Free 6V US Battery Company L16HC 420 amp hour FLA battery. It still holds a good charge and the plates are straight. If you have a similar battery to pair it with to make a 12V system, you should get another few good years out of it. They are about $800 new and have been pretty commonly used by the solar installers in off-grid systems in the Central West region so maybe someone out there has another orphan to reunite this one with! 0429 493 828